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But is it Islamophobia?

The horrendous mass murders perpetrated by Anders Breivik last July should not encourage us to start getting things backward. Never mind that the crazed Norwegian killer used a professed hatred of Islam to fuel his rage—psychopaths will always find an excuse. What is disturbing is that commentators immediately turned the argument on its head and portrayed Muslims as the actual victims, feeding into a trend often seen these days.

Leaving Oslo aside, there certainly is a larger problem. I see it as caused by Muslims and not by Islamophobia. It gained traction with the attitude of Muslims not only in Islamic countries where street manifestations against the West and particularly the US are endemic, but in the Western hemisphere that is accommodating a large flow of Muslim immigration. For the longest time, everything was going fine and communities lived well together, save for the occasional manifestation of racism, true for Muslims as for other minorities or people of color or anyone different from the masses—but narrow-mindedness will always exist.

Things started changing in recent decades when a great many Muslims, brainwashed by the wave of Islamicism sweeping over the world, turned confrontational and in-your-face religious, which they didn’t use to be, not even in their countries of origin. Iran, Egypt and other North African countries, as well as Iraq, Jordan, Syria–in fact, all but a handful of rigid Islamic ones such as Saudi Arabia, were, if not downright secular, at least tolerant and easy-going. Now, many—but obviously not all—Muslims see the societies of their host countries corrupt, their moral values inexistent, their women as whores.

They consider their faith, Islam, to be the only true one, instead of respecting other faiths as they wish theirs to be respected. They set up public prayers on the streets of Western cities, completely unmindful of the disturbance to traffic and the sheer rudeness of having entire neighborhoods blocked off for Friday prayers. They strongly encourage their own women to wear a headscarf or a veil (interesting that women who actually choose to wear a full burka on their own are converts, always the more fanatical of religious conservatives in any religion).

I’m an Iranian woman, ashamed of the image of Islam that Muslims are now spreading through the world. I grew up in pre-Islamic Revolution Iran wearing miniskirts on the streets of Tehran and bikinis on the Caspian beaches where men and women spent summer vacations together, hardly sex-obsessed. What happened to that Iran? It caught the plague of religious fanaticism and started spreading it through the world. So no, Norway, or the Netherlands, or France, are not Islamophobic. These countries only show a natural reaction to the Muslims who flock to these lands to enjoy the extreme benefits and opportunities that they would not get in their country of origin, and who have the nerve of constantly insulting the host countries and then complaining of lack of respect or Islamophobia when there is rejection.


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