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How inept can you be?

I remember a guy once telling me, in all seriousness, of his theory about the Beatles phenomenon. The band, he said, was a creation of the CIA whose goal was to have drug use proliferate through rock concert attendance and such. The young would thus become disenfranchised and have no interest in protesting against the Vietnam war. Wow! It’s wow indeed whenever I hear a conspiracy-prone individual come up with an outlandish and always complicated theory for explaining the world. In the wake of the arrest of the would-be assassin of the Saudi Ambassador in the U.S., I’m coming up with a couple of theories of my own.

Reading about this suspect, an Iranian-American by the name of Arbabsiar, I can’t help being struck by the words used by one and all to describe him: worthless, a loser, hopelessly disorganized, etc. Doesn’t this remind us of something? Think back to the shoe bomber, Richard Reid. He was arrested after trying, on an American Airlines flight a few months after 9/11, to ignite his shoe. The attempt was foiled when he was caught sitting in his own seat, with his shoe on his lap, holding a lit match to the fuse leading into the shoe. Then there was the underwear bomber. This one, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was caught on a Northwestern flight in 2009. Again in full view of passengers, he tried to detonate explosives sewn inside his underwear, succeeding only in setting his trousers on fire.

So… food for thought. Never mind the howling on all sides that this is a setup for how could the Quds Force, that admirable assassination arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, so badly botch a project? They of the stellar track record, of the perfectly executed murders on several continents since the beginning of the Islamic Republic? Iranians, even the exiles who are supposed to be against the regime, react with ruffled feathers if you so much as hint that the famed Quds efficiency may be so much hot air. Regarding the present situation, we have one totally inept terrorist followed by another one followed by an inept potential assassin (only the last one linked to Iran). Anyone see a pattern here? Could it all be part of another plot [fill in CIA, Defense, Homeland Security, other unknown agency or agencies, etc.] to set up these three morons, hoping to firmly establish in the public a fear of ongoing threat and thus perhaps have greater tacit assent to drone attacks or covert military action? Or a plot by enemies of the United States diverting attention to failed terrorist attempts while planning a far greater actual attack? Or some villain hiding on an island with a nefarious project—releasing a deadly virus, poisoning water supplies, communicating with Martians?

Or else we’re really lucky.

  1. Maryam yekta Steininger
    November 4, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    Have you heard about the exiled Iranian in Iraq trying to enter Iran and get rid of the present Iranian government with the help of US and U K and Israel? What are your thoughts about the Mojahedine Kgalgh?


  2. November 4, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    For my thoughts about the MEK, see my post “I am not an ‘ashrafi'”


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