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What’s in a name

Yet another lengthy account in the Washington Post today [Viola Drath: A remarkable life hijacked, by Josh White] of the murder of Viola Drath, a gifted 91-year-old journalist and Georgetown socialite, by her 50-year-old nogoodnick husband, self-dubbed Iraqi general/East German spy, and actual boozer and parasite. I was again surprised that no one ever mentioned the most bizarre aspect of this dismal tale, that a woman called DRATH would marry (for twenty years) and be killed by a man called MUTH. But then, I’m a word person, so something like this is bound to grab my attention. No disrespect to Ms. Drath who, by all accounts, was a remarkable individual, but you have to wonder.

More word-play on a lighter note: Many years ago in Paris, when my older son was a toddler, his baby-sitter, a mousy and gentle little woman called Martine Maniet (Mah-ni-ay in French) left us to marry a man called something Migné (Mee-ni-ay).

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