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Libertarian, shmibertarian

Despite his lukewarm results in the Iowa caucus, Ron Paul cannot be discounted, at least in terms of skewing the game. Which is a shame because the more you look at him, the more it seems that Lindbergh flies again, unfortunately not in the Spirit of Saint Louis. The point that the torch from the arch-conservative, racist, and Nazi-admirer aviator has been passed to the Texas congressman is forcefully made in Richard Cohen’s January 3rd op-ed in the Washington Post. As a genetically programmed democrat, I am more scared of Ron Paul than of any of the other Republican candidates. Not that he stands a chance of getting the Republican nomination but I dislike seeing the young—a major base for Obama in the last elections—swooning for his “no to war, yes to pot,” message, a simplistic one that’s already been done to death.

To get back to Richard Cohen’s cogent analysis, Ron Paul is an isolationist who would have America ignore everything that goes on beyond its own borders. Our country is often taken to task by both those who see it as meddling and those who find it indifferent. Be that as it may, our world would be an even more unhappy place if each country retreated behind its borders and refused to acknowledge that we share the planet with others.

Paul is also a racist on par with David Duke, as well documented by the media, a man capable of writing about Washington D.C . “I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal…” Want more unsavory statements?  Look up the New York Times or Mother Jones.

To round up this pretty picture, the man is a conspiracy freak who used to talk unabashedly about “the federal-homosexual cover-up on AIDS,” and the 1992 bombing of the World Trade Center as being possibly “a setup by the Israeli Mossad,” etc.

Granted, the 76-year-old congressman is now trying to pass off all of the above as youthful indiscretions (the more inflammatory statements were made in newsletters and publications he oversaw in the 1990s). For the present, though, Paul, even more fully than his fellow conservatives, gleefully describes how he would dismantle federal agencies such as the Department of Energy or Education. I who worship at no altar make an exception for Thomas Jefferson, so I understand and appreciate the principle of the sovereignty of states in a confederation. But for the system to function, there has to be a confederation, with a Federal Government as unifying factor. Otherwise, why not simply forget about United and just have States, fifty different countries each with its own government and laws?

  1. Melinda Barnhardt
    January 7, 2012 at 11:02 pm

    Agreed. I’d add that Ron Paul’s remarks about John Huntsman’s adopted Chinese daughter, made during the current race, make it all too clear that his racist streak remains. These remarks alone should immediately disqualify him from any reasonable consideration.


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