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I(z)lam* is a religion of peace

February 28, 2012 2 comments

The statistics of the dead and wounded are mounting following the destruction in Afghanistan of some Korans. The “improper disposal” at the US air base, possibly some ill-advised early spring cleaning, has started a cycle of violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan. What’s the going rate for a desecrated Koran? In this case, the official toll for killed Afghans is ten, the figure for Pakistan still murky. This is not the first time people pay with their life for the awful fanaticism Read more…

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Sorry, I don’t know

February 23, 2012 4 comments

It may sound contradictory coming from a blogger with acknowledged strong opinions to say it but it’s true, I often don’t know and I even more often don’t care. “Don’t know” in the sense of answers to polls. Regarding any subject under the sun, 36 percent think this, 54 percent think that, the rest don’t know. But polls are pretty much the only place where you’ll hear this. Everywhere else, we’re busy knowing. We hand out stars to films and songs and books. We comment, ah, how we comment! Any page worth its salt will ask you to scroll down and leave a comment and we always have one. Companies selling products, PACs selling candidates, newspapers selling opinions, all want to hear ours. They all need grades. Like faculty in universities who don’t dare hand out anything below an A minus for fear of receiving poor evaluations, everyone wants us to rate them. And we do, we enjoy doing it. Our times don’t encourage modesty and frown upon “I don’t know.”
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Mom’s the word

February 16, 2012 Leave a comment

When did women become “moms”? And when did “moms” become role models whose opinions and choices are the only ones that matter, whose voice is that of the real people?

Look around you, read your morning newspaper, surf the net, and “moms” put you to shame for your sloppiness, lack of organization and morality both, for not having a life, at least not according to the standards they uphold. They are the keepers of values, the cement that holds our society together. They have the secret(s) of life at their fingertips, they know it all and know it right. Read more…

The brick wall

February 9, 2012 3 comments

A brilliant article in the New Yorker (“The Obama Memos” by Ryan Lizza) had me slapping my forehead in recognition of the answers to questions that have been plaguing me for the last couple of years regarding the highly toxic political air we breathe: there’s no logic there, no reasonable argument that can allow a consensus to emerge, no common sense. The problem for Democrats such as myself is that we still believe in dialogue and discussion. Meaning that good points will be recognized and pondered, concerns will be given serious thought to, conclusions can be reached and the whole exercise allow, if not win-win solutions, at least lose-not-too-much ones. Our big, huge illusion being that despite differences, not only both parties but all parties and their constituents ultimately strive for the common good. Read more…

You better believe it

February 2, 2012 5 comments

Some days I feel I’m living in one huge place of worship—church, mosque, synagogue, revival mega tent—under the watchful and angry eye of the relevant keeper of the faith—bishop, imam, rabbi, pastor, what have you. The intolerant, judgmental blather is more than a permanent irritation, it occasionally infuriates me. What’s wrong with you people ? Do your thing and leave me—and public discourse—out of it. I don’t want to hear about your outrage or your latest cause—at present the Obama administration’s correct decision to have Catholic institutions pay for health insurance for sterilization and contraception of employees. Read more…

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