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I(z)lam* is a religion of peace

The statistics of the dead and wounded are mounting following the destruction in Afghanistan of some Korans. The “improper disposal” at the US air base, possibly some ill-advised early spring cleaning, has started a cycle of violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan. What’s the going rate for a desecrated Koran? In this case, the official toll for killed Afghans is ten, the figure for Pakistan still murky. This is not the first time people pay with their life for the awful fanaticism that’s driving our world and it’s certainly not the last. It is of course stupid to desecrate the holy book of any religion and even more so to do it willfully (which isn’t the case this time). But nothing warrants this sort of response. Unfortunately, no apology from Obama or anyone else will stop the over-the-top reactions. Taking to the streets in a frenzy of rioting? Setting fire to buildings while yelling death to this or that perceived foe? Getting trampled to death? Actually killing people to wash the offense in blood? Really?

But what can you expect? Imagine having a brain the size of a pea and filled with mumbo-jumbo.

*Spelled according to the weird pronunciation started by Bush (instead of Islam with a hard s) and now universal.

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  1. afsaneh
    February 28, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    waou, indeed but so true


  2. Hamila
    February 28, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    With all this pain where is your gain?
    The only veil, yourself, remain

    Molana Molavi Rumi


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