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We need to talk about Trayvon

March 31, 2012 2 comments

What part of m-u-r-d-e-r does the Sanford, Florida police not understand?
1. This Zimmerman guy insists that he was threatened and then knocked down by Trayvon Martin, the teenager he killed. A police surveillance video shows him arriving at the police station with no trace of blood or bruises, nor did he check into an emergency room that night.
2. Zimmerman called 911 saying he was following a suspicious character. The recording indicates that he was told to drop the chase. He didn’t listen.
3. Trayvon’s girlfriend was on the phone with him at the time of the murder. In the recorded conversation obtained by the media, the teenager tells her that some guy is following him and she tells him to run. (See ABC coverage here.) Read more…


Dick Cheney gets a heart

March 25, 2012 6 comments

The media announces with great fanfare that the former vice-president has a new heart. What? I never knew he had one in the first place. The briefest look at the man’s track record warrants skepticism. Two overt wars and any number of covert ones, either full-blown or simmering; contempt for America at its peak despite Obama’s commendable efforts at repairing our image abroad, an exploded world that has lost its moorings. Read more…

Enough with Islamic extremism, enough!

March 21, 2012 7 comments

For the last two days, ever since a helmet-wearing motorcyclist parked his scooter in front of a Jewish school in Toulouse in the south of France and methodically shot, point-blank, three small kids and a Hebrew teacher, I’ve put myself in the place of that young woman who had breakfast with her husband and two small sons and sent them off, only to hear an hour later that she’d lost them all. The killer actually grabbed the third child –the school director’s little girl–by the hair, to steady her head while he shot her. Over the previous week, three soldiers had been killed by the same guy in two separate attacks.
The sweeping manhunt that followed soon gave results. As I write, the assassin is hunkering down with a large arsenal in an apartment building and negotiations are under way for his surrender. By the time you read this, he will probably have been arrested. Read more…

Happy New Year? Yes, indeed

March 20, 2012 2 comments

It is that time of the year again–the first day of spring. In Iran and other wholly or partly Persian-speaking neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, as well as other countries that have come under Persian influence or been part of its empire, that is the first day of the New Year which starts exactly on the vernal or spring equinox (look it up—something to do with the earth’s axis).

Given that the large and very gregarious and outgoing Iranian diaspora has deep roots in the community here, more and more Americans know about the Now Rouz celebration.
Many still don’t, however, which makes for some funny moments.

Imagine this situation, which has happened to me often enough, as an Iranian, of one of us going down a corridor in our place of work or entering a meeting room. American colleagues in the know greet us with a pleasant “Happy New Year” while others who overhear but have no idea what this means do a double take, looking puzzled.
“Happy New Year?” On March 20th?

Well yes, Happy 1391 or, as we say, eyde shoma mobarak.

You do, too, have time

March 14, 2012 8 comments

If you are anything like me, and you are, your main obsession is not work, money, accomplishments, relations, health, or anything else you might think of as important.  Trust me, your permanent and often your only preoccupation is time.

Time is what occupies at least half of your thoughts, time is what you communicate about half of the time. Read more…

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Don’t do it, Bibi

After his awkward meeting at the White House, Netanyahu is more determined than ever to nuke Iran, even if Israel has to go it alone in view of Obama’s sensible reticence. I understand his fear of Iran. More anti-Semitic than Iranians, you die ( though for a while now, the feeling has been conveniently repackaged and presented as sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians). The present Iranian regime loathes Israel and might well attempt to bomb it out of existence the day it finally has a nuclear weapon, so Netanyahu voices legitimate fear when he says that he “will never allow my people to live in the shadow of annihilation.” Read more…

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