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Look who we have in the White House

January 26, 2013 16 comments

Obama 2013A monster, that’s who! First time around, we tried to be fair and give him the benefit of doubt but now he’s showing his true colors (and no, I don’t mean black, I’m no racist). He doesn’t have anything to lose by going for broke and that’s what he intends doing, even more than during his first mandate. Just look at the record and look at the stated intentions underlined in his inauguration speech. Clearly, he’s aiming for nothing else than the destruction of our country. I won’t even try to figure out whose interests he’s serving. An international Islamist Jihad? Hidden world powers? Visitors from outer space?

A welfare state is what we’re becoming, helping all the scroungers and the parasites. In a well functioning society, people strive to improve themselves and know how to take care of themselves and their families. Not according to this president, though. His motto is: the government is here to help. Go ahead and whine, all you 47 percent takers, calling yourself the poor and the disenfranchised, all you unemployed or small earners. Not even capable of paying your mortgage or even your rent? That’s okay, this president will take care of you. Unable to buy insurance because you prefer to live from paycheck to paycheck and can’t be bothered to build your future? That’s okay too, our taxpayer dollars will kick in if you’re sick or disabled. Read more…

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