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The chattel in our prisons

February 23, 2013 7 comments

Bastoy 2My grocery store, one of a chain, has an excellent policy of hiring people with slight physical or mental disabilities for menial tasks such as putting carts away or carrying customers’ shopping bags to their cars. I had noticed several times a little guy in his forties, visibly impaired in some way but a delight to interact with because of his big grin, his eagerness to rush forward and help and his thanks as profuse for a small tip as if he’d just won the lottery. Then one day the Metro section of the paper ran the story and I recognized him from the photo. This guy had recently been released from jail where he had spent half his life for a crime he hadn’t committed. The son of a single mother, he was finally exonerated, maybe through DNA testing or the coming forward of a new witness. The little man, planning a celebration with his mother, was so ecstatic at his newfound freedom that he didn’t even think about his lost years or possible compensation. Read more…



February 7, 2013 11 comments

knockoutWhen I started thinking about posting a parody of Obama’s right-wing bashers, people around me recommended caution, saying I might be misread. But did I listen? I, who in the face of mounting evidence continue to deny the undeniable–and still believe that from my computer to your eyes, nothing is ever distorted–stuck to my guns (and that from someone who deplores the tepid gun-control laws!). Nah, I said, no way! People will understand, they know where I come from. My arguments were that regular readers of my blog a) know me well enough by now to be familiar with my precise place on the political spectrum (dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, leaning toward liberal, and b) will recognize parody for what it is. Read more…

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