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Yikes, I’m in the Agency’s crosshair!

Here’s how my latest post was going to go:

“Oh no, oh no! I’m hurting, my democrat bones are weary. Item, drones. Drones targeting who exactly? Actual enemies? Civilians? Based on what intelligence? And talking about intelligence, do the agencies pulled together under the ridiculously overblown Homeland Security even talk to each other? Seen from the outside, they’re more territorial than ever. And beside the one feat of getting Bin Laden, what good does all this intelligence do us? Does our government really keep us safe or is it just luck that terrorists have splintered and moved their action elsewhere (not always, unfortunately. The Boston Marathon bombing did happen, indeed an intelligence failure as we brushed off the warning from Russia about miserable what’s-his-name. Homegrown violence too continues; the memory of Newtown is still with us.)GuantanamoItem (s): Guantanamo still open, an inability to launch a full frontal attack against the NRA. Read more…

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