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Yikes, I’m in the Agency’s crosshair!

Here’s how my latest post was going to go:

“Oh no, oh no! I’m hurting, my democrat bones are weary. Item, drones. Drones targeting who exactly? Actual enemies? Civilians? Based on what intelligence? And talking about intelligence, do the agencies pulled together under the ridiculously overblown Homeland Security even talk to each other? Seen from the outside, they’re more territorial than ever. And beside the one feat of getting Bin Laden, what good does all this intelligence do us? Does our government really keep us safe or is it just luck that terrorists have splintered and moved their action elsewhere (not always, unfortunately. The Boston Marathon bombing did happen, indeed an intelligence failure as we brushed off the warning from Russia about miserable what’s-his-name. Homegrown violence too continues; the memory of Newtown is still with us.)GuantanamoItem (s): Guantanamo still open, an inability to launch a full frontal attack against the NRA. And the world? Spinelessness toward Assad and other rogue leaders, caving in to Netanyahu on the one hand, to Morsi on the other (Why are we still funding Egypt? Which part of “Muslim Brotherhood” does the Administration not understand?)

I and fellow Democrats want to continue to believe in Obama, our first African-American president, straight out of central casting as I once wrote here, king of cool as I also wrote, highly intelligent, making us believe in the audacity of his hope, in his dreams which we made ours. We didn’t want to see the dilly-dallying, the timidity in attacking directly vested interests such as our thieving financial institutions, the pandering to the likes of Larry Summer, of Timothy Geitner the tax-evader, of foul-mouthed Rahm Emmanuel, of advisors such as Valerie Jarrett. And Holder? He should have been fired after the Fast and Furious debacle. Why is he still around and hiding behind yet another I-didn’t-know excuse for the unbelievable intrusion into AP journalists’ phone records?

I don’t and never will miss Bush but you have to hand it to the man, he had a quick pen when it came to signing executive orders. It wouldn’t have hurt Obama to reach for that pen, as far as the Constitution allows, during the grotesque showdown with people such as Paul Ryan or weepy Boehner over raising the debt ceiling, or the sequester battle, or any of the unacceptable posturing by deranged Republicans. He was able to do it for environmental and immigration and, to a certain extent, for healthcare, why not for other pressing matters, including—yes, again—Guantanamo? Why not be more forceful in all the present scandals, including the sex abuse cases in the military?

I’ll give Obama Benghazi and circumstances due to bad luck and poor media spin more than to anyone’s fault or incompetence. But the IRS’s shabby treatment of conservative groups seeking tax exemption status? And the worse possible new scandal, that of the Justice Department snooping into AP files?

I can only imagine the glee of the Republican Party and its foot soldiers, tea party activists. The GOP—with Reaganites long gone and bipartisanship one for the history books, is finally rid of dead weights—McCain, Palin, the lamentable Romney et al. Invigorated by the Administration’s present problems, it is also working through its own lessons learned and enjoying the promise of young sharks such as Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal circling the waters. I’m not much for miracles but, barring one, sad days lie ahead.”

That, as I said, is what I was going to post to my blog. And then, BAM! Obama comes out with his forceful National Defense speech, clear, undeterred by hecklers, giving us a number of answers, if not all, and a roadmap.

Which begs the question: When did they hack into my computer and realize that my next post would be  deeply critical of the President? I’m sure they woke him up in the middle of the night and said, “Mr. President, whatever it takes, don’t lose Saïdeh Pakravan!” How else to explain his turnabout?

I’m gratified and glad to have been of service but hey, get the Agency out of my coomputer and off my back!

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  1. Jonathan
    May 28, 2013 at 5:07 am

    Best column I’ve read to date from a very astute observer of our national government and leaders.


  2. Melinda Barnhardt Jud
    May 31, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    Thanks, Saideh, for an impressive piece with a clever and amusing turn of thought. I’m late in response as a result of a need to read the entire text of the National Defense speech first (thanks for the link). I agree with your piece — both where it was headed at first, and where it ended up after the speech.


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