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Snowden does not exist

August 11, 2013 4 comments

snowden Whoa, hasn’t this story run its course yet? I know, there’s no end of fascination with what journalists and  the media do to our society. And no answer to the vexing and clichéd chicken-and-egg question: Does the  media create news or do news create the media? Still, with the present colorful and exasperating circus  round the Snowden/NSA story, another question pops up, when is enough enough?

In the latest development, President Obama has cancelled his trip to Russia, ostensibly because he didn’t think at this point it would improve the relations between the two countries. Seriously? Does anyone believe that behind the inflated rhetoric about agendas not meshing and whatnot and unspoken disapproval of that thug Putin, this is not first and foremost about Russia granting asylum to Snowden? Or anything but a preemptive appeasement of the crazy conservatives in our country? Imagine what Tea Party extremists, libertarians, Paul Ryan (along with Ron Paul, Rand Paul and all similarly named Republicans) would have had to say if this unpatriotic Kenyan-socialist-communist-black president had not cancelled his visit, the mud-slinging he would have had to endure for showing such disregard for security breaches, intelligence, and keeping Americans safe! Read more…


Unelect them all!

August 4, 2013 7 comments

TO GO WITH AFP STORY: US-vote-ballotingNo matter how you look at it, democracy is still the best system—nay, the only system—to govern our messy human race. But with this system spinning out of control, here comes a conundrum: can we have democracy without elections and if so, what would replace them?

Item: There are signs that the Iranian President shortly to begin his mandate may not be all he was touted to be—or, if not quite an dangerous cretin like Ahmadinejad, not allowed much leeway by the power elite in the Islamic Republic. The U.S. response to Iran’s perceived or real threat regarding the nuclear issue so far has been to impose ever stricter sanctions. For me, these fall under the “don’t know” category, meaning I’m neither for nor against, unable to figure out their utility. Are they working? If the goal is to weaken and even destroy the economy, then yes, they are. Will it bring the Iranian regime to its knees and make it renounce its evil ways? I don’t think so. We’re giving too much credit to the Supreme Leader and his clique when we attribute to them a Machiavellian mind capable of reasoning and strategizing rather than see how incapable they are of realizing that their repressive and irresponsible regime will eventually fail, with or without sanctions. And while analysts analyze and Middle East or Iran experts pore over tea leaves, Congress does what? Votes 400 to 20 to increase sanctions, in a move typical of a system—ours in democratic countries—gone amok. Read more…

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