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So the President has cojones after all

At least as seen through the eyes of fans–even chastened but still fans such as myself. Signing an executive order to set five million undocumented Hispanics on the road to legalization, hurray. Refusing to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, bad for the environments and good only for deep pockets in which far too much tainted money goes as it is, hurray again. Continuing to provide health insurance for Americans who didn’t have any, yes, indeed.immigration

The view is quite different as seen through the jaundiced eyes of the extreme wings of the Tea Party and even so-called “moderate” Republicans such as Boehner and Mitch McConnell. They consider Obama at the very least as deserving impeachment–an actual lynching would be difficult to pull off–for innumerable crimes, among which signing too many executive orders, (less than his predecessors, but we’re not talking good faith here).

It is a universal truth that we can only assess the world around us through our own vision or lack thereof. So, for sophisticated GOP theorists such as Michele Bachmann (the new and improved Sarah Palin), humanitarian or public-good motivations don’t exist. Rants and attacks pass as political strategy and the only acceptable opponent is a dead one, figuratively (we hope) speaking.

Obama haters and baiters have a hard time grasping that after attempting to work with Republicans and remaining courteous and accommodating through the GOP’s irrational opposition to his every move, the President is finally showing gumption, seemingly deciding to use his remaining two years at the helm to save what can be saved. To them, Obama holding out his hand to Hispanics guilty of no crime other than wanting a better life for themselves and theirs is nothing but opening the floodgates to “illiterate” idiots, in Bachmann’s elegant phrasing. It has nothing to do with keeping one of America’s promises, giving the deserving, the humble, and the hard-working a place in the sun where they can live without fear and even receive a modicum of appreciation. Then, it seems reasonable that helping the environment by rejecting the Keystone XL, a project at best controversial in its advantages, at worst catastrophic, is a good step in the struggle against the destruction of our planet but no–too many special interests are trampled in the process. And you’d think anyone would see the importance of not leaving people uninsured, but then the GOP will never cease to surprise us.

Ted Cruz or Steve “Ebola” King  may pretend to think that the sole purpose of the President’s every action is to thwart the GOP, get even with his opponents, or, alternately, to use Republican leaders’ words, “poison the well,” “wave a red flag,” “act like a king,” etc. But in their heart of hearts, they must know that he doesn’t give a fig for any mental anguish they put themselves through, nor does he even notice their present disarray, their dwindling prospects with Hispanic voters (yes, there are large numbers of legitimate Hispanic voters), the general picture looking less rosy for Republicans than it did with their recent big win. The truth is, where they’re losing sleep over Obama, Obama is not losing sleep over them and probably no longer gives them much thought at all. Which is as should be.

  1. Melinda Barnhardt
    November 25, 2014 at 8:28 pm

    Kudos for the point of view — and the deliciously appropriate snide humor!


  2. bobbietroy
    November 26, 2014 at 3:17 am

    I agree totally, Saideh. However, I wonder why the Pres did not show his cojones earlier in the game. I really don’t how the dems, not only the Pres, but many of them can keep their mouths shut when the opposition is tearing them apart all the time.


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