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Of course they do. Cops’ lives matter, white lives matter, lives in general matter. No one argues otherwise, it goes without saying, there is consensus. But trotting out these pieties whenever someone says that black lives matter is idiotic. Because that definitely does not go without saying. No way does it go without saying. Black lives may matter but other lives matter much more. Since the cop killing in Dallas—once again an infamous city—anyone saying “black lives matter” instead of “all lives matter” di Blasioruns the risk of being accused of heartlessness or even glee at a sick tit for tat.

If black lives matter, there is a caveat. It all depends on who is standing on the other side, of whether that individual yelling brutal, incomprehensible orders in a situation suddenly gone awry wears a uniform, holds a gun, dislikes the color of the skin of the guy who was selling cigarettes or CDs on the street, wearing a hoodie, supposedly driving around with a broken tail light, daring to talk back and argue, playing with a toy gun, reaching for something, running away for no reason. (No reason? Being black is reason enough. Any black person will tell you that. Any black parent who doesn’t know if their child stepping out of the house will ever be back or if they’ll have to go to the morgue to pick up a bullet-ridden corpse can tell you that. Any black person pulled over for the slightest reason will tell you that.) Read more…

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Pondering Brexit


Repeating the same arguments–based on background, creed, social group, immediate circle—creates specific paths in our individual and collective brains. Case in point, the extraordinary avalanche of commentary and discussion following the Brexit referendum, with knee-jerk reactions and little original thought. Be it EU officials, governments in individual countries inside and outside the EU, talk-show guests, man/woman in the street, social media addicts, all respond exactly as expected. Except at the highest level of media or analysis, there are few intelligent or thoughtful reactions. Read more…

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