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Military strikes leave me cold, the rest makes my blood boil

tomahawk-cruise-missile-720To read comments about the recent US strikes in Syria and Afghanistan, one would think #dangerousbuffoon has turned “more presidential” overnight, as some new faithful in the general public and media are happy to report. Actually, this hustler has not become more or less anything, he is simply living the perfect dream in Trumplandia. One can just see him marching into the situation room with all those advisors and five-star generals standing up respectfully as he rubs together his plump little hands and declares that it’s time to unleash the full power of the United States military against ISIS. First, we strike Syria with those Tomahawk missiles, then, we hit them in Afghanistan with the MOAB. Take that, ISIS!

Are we impressed yet? Not by a long shot. The world, already in chaos, can only become more so with the immense powers handed to this lunatic. The annihilation of the Islamists of ISIS, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Shabab and their sick ideology would indeed be cause for celebration. I would also love to see Assad sent to hell where he belongs. But stirring up even more agitation in this incredibly volatile region without a serious long-term plan subject to revision at every step, and without having on board strategists and politicians who thoroughly understand what’s at stake is no solution.

We can hope that at least some among the military not only know what they’re doing but remember the lessons of Bush rushing into war and causing the present mess, the Western world saddled with fears of terrorism and the waves of immigrants and the hundreds of thousands of people in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere dying, when not torn, maimed, displaced—helped only by incredibly brave international aid workers with little means at their disposal.

#dangerousbuffoon is no more “presidential” than I am. His “presidency” is only into its third month and where it looked like the bad dream would soon be over and he would be dragged away ranting about fake news, things keep going from very bad to terrible.

We were afraid of Jeff Sessions as attorney general. We were right. First, he is doing away with forensic evidence in convictions . He has declared his intention to turn over all prisons including federal ones to private contractors whose only purpose will be to make fortunes on the back of the already huge prison population, mostly minorities, often convicted on shaky grounds and little evidence. Which population will grow into larger numbers of mass incarceration when Sessions brings back the mandatory minimum sentencing which President Obama and Eric Holder tried so hard to reverse against Republican opposition. Sessions is also actively working with the NRA, gun manufacturers and Congress to do away with some of the minute safeguards wrested by the previous administration–among others, the provision that wouldn’t allow selling guns to people with a mental history. He is also issuing directives to scale back the DOJ’s protection of civil rights. In order words, rogue police officers who think nothing of shooting and killing unarmed civilians—generally black—will be even less likely to be prosecuted or even blamed. To the AG, black lives do not matter at all.

Or take Pruitt. The head of EPA is a global warming denier who is busy putting in place policies to accelerate said global warming and, accessorily, to take us out of the Paris climate agreement. The Secretary of Education is a woman who sets faith in private schools such as the ones attended by her kids and those of her society buddies. Others? The less well-off who can only attend public schools? Let them eat cake. Or Tom Price as HHS head, who jumped head first into reshaping Medicare to remove guarantee of health coverage for seniors, and is on track to cut Medicare, health care for poor people, and halt Planned Parenthood’s federal funding because it provides abortions.

And the list goes on. The present system makes more and more room for imbeciles and for downright monsters. (Such as the Arkansas governor, stopped in his tracks by yet another brave federal judge, who had ordered “conveyor-belt executions,” starting this Monday, of three a night of the eight on death row. The reason given for the hurry was that the drugs secured for lethal injections will expire at the end of the month and drug companies refuse to provide more.) And don’t get me started on immigration, illegal, Muslim or other. There’s been enough discussion and hand-wringing over those issues.

The pc police will be after me as it usually is, calling me bitter and resentful. Well, I am. Beside my permanent boiling anger since November 20th when what couldn’t happen actually did, I am personally disappointed. I’ve always been a big fan of NASA which is said to be breathing its last—as it should be, according to Republican logic: it’s expensive and who needs to dream when nightmares have become our daily fare? Still, I would have loved to head NASA while it’s here. Who better than I? I have sub-zero knowledge of space exploration, the Skylab space station, Space shuttles, Apollo landings, and of wider areas for which the agency is responsible—science about our solar system comes to mind. But despite my perfect lack of qualifications, I’m still waiting for the call from the White House. And now I hear that Jared Kushner is being considered. I have to concede that it makes sense, in a sick sort of way. He has already been appointed to a number of government tasks about which he doesn’t know the first thing, so why not NASA?

Okay, this last point is “fake news.” The WH never considered me for NASA nor did it the far too busy Kushner.






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  1. melindabarnhardtgmailcom
    April 16, 2017 at 8:22 pm

    Right on, Saideh!


  2. melindabarnhardtgmailcom
    April 16, 2017 at 8:25 pm

    Right on point, Saideh.


  3. christian Gharib
    April 17, 2017 at 8:30 am

    Perfect, I love it, to be published by The New York Times!!


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