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“Fake-news” or “No-news?”

If Trump foams at the mouth and comes up with a new rant on fake-news–that aren’t so- ten times a day, Benjamin Netanyahu just won the top award for news that aren’t news.  In his dramatic unveiling of some 55,000 documents from before 2003 leaked from Iranian archives, he announced that these confirm that the Islamic Republic HAD AN ONGOING NUCLEAR PROGRAM at that date! Not only that, but in the course of other earth-shattering non-news that he outlined in a Power-Point style presentation, he added that Iran HAD LIED about its program.

As quoted in the Washington Post today (I know, I know, one of the main sources of fake news) Richard Nephew, a former senior State Department official who was part of the U.S. team that negotiated the deal implemented in January 2016, said, among other comments, that Netanyahu’s revelations were “not a new revelation […]To put it another way, it is why we negotiated the JCPOA,” or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

The problem with the endlessly stunning developments of the Trump presidency that hit us while I, along with you, fall further down in this interminable “Alice in Wonderland” surrealistic hole, is how to hold on to a semblance of logic. Let me go over this once more to try and wrap my mind around it:  In 2016, President Obama negotiated a deal with Iran. It wasn’t a perfect deal but it was a deal, based on the information that Netanyahu just “revealed.” The deal was to stop the ongoing nuclear program, which Iran did, at least according to ALL the top experts of ALL the international agencies concerned.

So, in the era of a number of nasty brutes and village idiots taking over the planet, not only can realnews be discredited as “fake-news” but now we’re actually fed with “no-news.” This will serve any purpose, such as Netanyahu helping Trump, Bolton and Pompeo attack Iran. Not that I would cry for the Islamic Republic but when you break stuff, you have to pay for it, as happened with Iraq. Or doesn’t anyone remember?

“No-news” may prove far more useful than “fake-news.” Better get used to it. Breaking news on Fox and other real media, (as opposed to snake-oil vendors such as the NY Times or The Washington Post):

“There are 24 hours in the day!”

“The sun rose this morning!”

“This year, winter starts December 21st, which puts Christmas on the 25th!”

“A number of babies were born in the world!”

You catch my drift.

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