By way of intro

A case could be made for the fact that most everything and everyone fall into one of two categories. Thus, in many discussions or encounters, there may be on one side the embattled, opinionated warrior and on the other the meek conversationalist. I have the misfortune of belonging to the second category so that I quickly give up when confronted with ignorance, bad faith, lack of logic, or ideas/ judgments that were irrational/stupid in the first place but have become accepted through sheer repetition. Then I spend days, months, YEARS, seething over one particular episode. It will come back to haunt me unexpectedly as I’m falling asleep or filling up my tank or waiting at the dentist’s. Who knows why some experiences, slight in nature, remain with us forever? Someone’s statement or reaction irritates us; or some piece of popular wisdom rankles every time we hear it; or an article will provoke us into sending in an angry comment.

Well, a blog gives me the perfect tool. I can stand tall on the parapets of my personal fortress, see old and new enemies of reason, wisdom or logic, and send out my own speeding arrows as counter arguments.

I can hear the political correctness brigade and the self-righteous already gearing up with their counter counterargument which is mainly to ask me why I think I would be the only one with a logical, rational, and sharp intellect. Short answer, I don’t. But I want to put a period at the end of these runaway discussions, catch the elusive concept of closure and adapt it so I can once and for all put an end to the personal peeves, the pent-up frustrations, the sharp retort—alas rarely spoken in time—and sleep soundly.

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