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“All the Way In,” my novel about Petraeus

November 15, 2012 2 comments

It doesn’t look as though my financial situation is going to right itself unless I take action. Let’s see… Oh, I know, I’m a writer, so how about—once again—trying to write a book that will sell? I mull over plot and characters for a few days until I come up with something. I call Rob, my agent.
“There’s this character, let’s call her Paula, a beautiful, ambitious, scheming woman—married, with kids—who manages to gain access to a four-star general in a war zone. This guy, a much admired public figure—also married with grown children of his own—is flattered when she tells him she wants to write his biography. Soon they go for morning runs on which she interviews him. They often continue the interview process under his desk.”
“Why under his desk?” Read more…

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