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Not Fake News

February 16, 2017 3 comments

In the zany atmosphere created by #dangerousbuffoon so improbably making it to the White House (though not for long, it seems at this point,) a slew of hilarious news like none other keep surfacing. So, several times a day, I find myself with tears streaming down my face, not only because of the attacks on democracy, on the environment, on ObamaCare, on dedicated and brave civil servants, on the humble and disenfranchised, but from sheer, helpless mirth.

Raucous Town Hall McClintock

Here is a sampling of what I’ve read since day before day before yesterday, howling with laughter. I’m adding chapter and verse to show that these are neither fake news nor come from some alternative reality but actually happened and were reported on.

  • A naked moron–my guess, a disgruntled Trump supporter angered by the media reports on his guy–stormed into NBC HQ in Washington DC. And bit the people trying to stop him, before being carted away. Bit them!

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Save Islam and Muslims

February 1, 2017 7 comments

After alternating between fury and disbelief since January 20 with each new move by #dangerousbuffoon, I finally force myself to attempt unscrambling my roiling thoughts and emotions.

For the last few days, these thoughts and emotions have been coalescing mainly around the ban, e.i. refusing entry into the United States to people from seven countries, whether travelers with a visa or legitimate U.S. residents. As with every directive or decision from this sick administration, there appears to be great confusion as to principle and application. And very little discussion about the whys and wherefores that led to

I write often enough, when it is warranted, about my lack of interest in faith, belief or religion. This indifference extends to Islam but not to today’s rampant Islamicism for which I have utter contempt. I cannot bring myself to show tolerance for headscarves (this couple-of-decades-old artificial construct adopted by Read more…

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